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Bummer! Al Giorgio's (1742 Second Avenue, New York 10128) is no longer active on Seamless.

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Al Giorgio's

  • SW User Rating 0 ratings 19 reviews

1742 Second Avenue (2nd Ave. & 91st St.), New York, NY 10128 | (212) 427-1010

Al Giorgio's Reviews

User rating

this place took an hour to deliver me a salad and a pasta and they're 8 blocks away

Written by on 2/1/2014 | 4 other reviews | Member since 2010
lauren ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

They should be getting Zero stars but I had to pick a star to give the review. Do not order from these guys. They ignore any request you make on your order. Their food taste like shit anyway. (DO NOT ORDER THEIR SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE). DO NOT IGNORE THE OTHER RATINGS. You have been warned.

Written by on 11/10/2013 | 11 other reviews | Member since 2012
Carducci ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

I ordered a meatball hero and two cans of soda but they delivered a chicken calzone and one can of soda. Totally unacceptable.

Written by on 9/22/2013 | 2 other reviews | Member since 2009
Andrew ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

My dog's vomit tasted better. Shame on you for considering this edible. How do you guys go to bed knowing you put this crap out as food?

Written by on 7/29/2013 | Member since 2010
Andrew ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Worst food I have ever ordered from Seamless! I am now eating cereal for dinner!! The spaghetti bolognese was soaked in greasy, buttery sauce. Not a tomato in sight!!! The meat was tasteless chucks of grey. The whole dish was doused in so much pepper, I knew it would be bad, before I even got the lid off!!! Right into the trash it went. $15 down the drain. There was no "saving" any part!! Just eat what u have in the cabinets, it will be much better!!

Written by on 3/13/2013 | 3 other reviews | Member since 2010
Rea ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

rude and never delivered

Written by on 11/27/2012 | 6 other reviews | Member since 2011
Andrew ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Was my favorite for years but the last 3 pizzas have been undercooked and short on sauce & flavor. I called twice to tell them i was disappointed but it's still the same. Too bad- used to be the best on the UES.

Written by on 10/13/2012 | 2 other reviews | Member since 2008
Matthew ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

GOOD JOKE. My pizza was delivered, 45 mins after it was supposed to be. The pizza was a ball and the end of the box, with a rude delivery man. I will absolutely never ever order from here. again. Thank you for a ball of cold cheese and bread.

Written by on 8/24/2012 | 1 other review | Member since 2009
Trevor ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

crapola vodka penne

Written by on 2/7/2012 | Member since 2011
Eric ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

ZERO STARS this is the worst customer service of any establishment I've ever dealt with. I placed an order 5 HOURS AGO and IT still has not been delivered. I call 3 TIMES asking for an ETA, all 3 times the girl on the phone told me it would be here in 20 minutes, but I'm still waiting. She showed 0 sympathy or urgency towards a customer that already paid via credit card. Its not even a large order either its a personal pie. I just came back from a deli to eat my dinner, I would like to have my money refunded but I seriously doubt that's going to happen. Which means Al Giorgio's Pizza basically stole my money and gave me the run around all day long. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS PLACE

Written by on 1/3/2012 | Member since 2011
richard ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Wow - nothing edible in the order. The app was burnt. The main was off. I am writing this 7 minutes after the food was delivered - and I have to order something else for somewhere else because I couldn't eat any of it.

Written by on 8/4/2011 | 4 other reviews | Member since 2010
Peter ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

I ordered a Sicilian Pizza from Al Giorgios, thinking that the thick delicious breadiness of it would do nicely to soak up the previous night's boozing. Well, turns out they don't deliver the Sicialian Pizza (why the hell is it on the menu then!). So they called me from an unlisted number and left a voicemail, informing me of that and saying that they would just send a regular cheese pizza. Thirty minutes later (really, how long does it take to make a pizza? And the delivery time is the distance between 2nd and 1st avenues), I get my pizza. In short, it sucked. They were going for the old school look with dollops of tomato sauce instead of a bread, sauce, cheese layers. And the sauce was alright. But the bread was chewy and non-descript flavor wise, and in my opinion under-cooked. The whole experience was a waste of time, money and precious pizza calories.

Written by on 3/7/2011 | 1 other review | Member since 2010
Justin ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

I ordered the Eggplant Parmesan. It was not breaded, small, and didnt come with pasta. Not a meal. I will never order this again.

Written by on 2/21/2011 | 18 other reviews | Member since 2011
Julie ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

almost an hour waiting. hope it's worth it. Update. Pizza was almost cold, and the box was shaken around so much, it looked like half a pie (the other half had gotten mushed/pushed on top). Spinach Salad was forgettable. I won't be ordering from here again. I don't think they're at 91st & 2nd either. That should be checked out.

Written by on 10/12/2010 | 6 other reviews | Member since 2009
CHRISTINE ordered from here over a year ago

User rating


Written by on 9/27/2010 | Member since 2010
michelle ordered from here over a year ago


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