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Bummer! Frankie's Pizza (2256 31ST ST, ASTORIA 11105) is no longer active on Seamless.

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Frankie's Pizza

  • SW User Rating 0 ratings 12 reviews

2256 31st St (31st St. between 23rd Ave. & Ditmars Blvd.), Astoria, NY 11105 | (718) 956-9525

Frankie's Pizza Reviews

User rating

Frankie makes the best pizza! I also LOVE their pepperoni wheel rolls and spinach wheel rolls. Also great prices and service.

Written by on 9/21/2014 | Member since 2013
John ordered from here within the last year

User rating

Frankie's pizza is the best in Astoria!

Written by on 7/20/2014 | Member since 2012
Catie ordered from here within the last year

User rating

best neighborhood pizza if you are in Ditmars

Written by on 7/6/2014 | 26 other reviews | Member since 2014
Jessica ordered from here within the last year

User rating

Written by on 2/18/2014 | 1 other review | Member since 2013
Rachel ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Delivered late, cold, and wasn't good even if it was hot. Especially with so many other options, I'll never order from here again.

Written by on 10/25/2013 | 11 other reviews | Member since 2010
Alison ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

I have been inside and ordered delivery from Frankie's. While it is not super fancy and the people are not really "Attentive", the pizza is always awesome and delivered quickly. I usually get a pizza w/ mushrooms, onions, and peppers. I love it.

Written by on 6/16/2013 | Member since 2012
Meghan ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Didn't send all of my items, salad was soggy, no special instructions followed.

Written by on 10/22/2012 | Member since 2012
Kelly ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Greasy and flavorless pie. I was excited to try it because its so close to my house but I was disappointed. The best thing about them is that they deliver late.

Written by on 10/3/2011 | 6 other reviews | Member since 2011
Kristin ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

the menu was not descriptive enough (apparently a gourmet pizza means no sauce) and the ingredients (especially the cheese) were cheap and of low quality. New York is supposed to be the home of great pizza, but you would find better pizza in a mall in Montana than you would at Frankie's.

Written by on 8/8/2011 | 4 other reviews | Member since 2008
Charles ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Out of the many pizza places I've tried in the Ditmars area, Frankie's rates the best for me. If you are looking for a good traditional pizza (not brick-oven, or deep dish, or thin crust) - Frankie's scores high. The crust isn't too chewy nor too hard, the cheese and toppings are portioned perfectly, and their sauce is great. I don't need to add any salt/spices to their pizza - it tastes great as is.

Written by on 4/10/2011 | 4 other reviews | Member since 2009
Regina ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

I ordered from here and got a call about 20 minutes later from the place. The call failed on me so I looked up the number and it was surely them. I had to call twice to get an answer and finally somebody rudely answered telling me the kitchen is closed. Interesting since the website says 11:59 PM and it was still allowing orders. Bad service, I probably won't order from here again. My fear is if I didn't call back I would have been sitting here waiting for my food to never arrive.

Written by on 7/19/2010 | 8 other reviews | Member since 2008
Anthony ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

the food here is crap, it's dirty and the workers are idiots.

Written by on 6/1/2010 | 4 other reviews | Member since 2010
Matt ordered from here over a year ago


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