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Bummer! Harry's Burritos (241 Columbus Avenue, New York 10023) is no longer active on Seamless.

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Harry's Burritos

  • SW User Rating 0 ratings 42 reviews

241 Columbus Avenue (Columbus Ave. & W. 71st St.), New York, NY 10023 | (212) 580-9494

Harry's Burritos Reviews

User rating

The best burrito on the UWS.

Written by on 8/26/2014 | 2 other reviews | Member since 2012
Jonathan ordered from here within the last year

User rating

After a wonderful day hiking, placed an order via the seamless app while driving back to NYC. Long story short- food arrived, not what I selected (it all showed up non-vegetarian) and the jerk of a manager refused to refund any $ at all because he claims the problem was on the side of seamless. In reality the problem is that Harry's Burritos never did quality control on their menu offerings on seamless. Harry's Burritos, you used to be my favorite Mexican restaurant in upper west side, but I will never order from you, or eat at your restaurant again and I implore all of you to do the same.

Written by on 8/3/2014 | Member since 2011
Ruth ordered from here within the last year

User rating

Ive ordered from here three times. They always show up within the estimated delivery time- also great food. Im a big fan of the salsa and chips!

Written by on 6/17/2014 | 2 other reviews | Member since 2013
Ariella ordered from here within the last year

User rating

Food took over 75 minutes to arrive (I live around the corner) and there was no hot sauce, something I not only requested TWICE on the online order, but specifically called about to make sure they included it (they always neglect to include it). The man who answered kept me on hold for TEN minutes while he looked for my order (no apology) and then practically hung up on me once he found it. He assured me he would include the hot sauce. Naturally, food arrived late with NO HOT SAUCE! When I called to complain, they refused to send it out saying they were backed up. This place ALWAYS does this - management really needs to address it because it is not a complete order if something on the order is forgotten. Pretty good food but the people who answer the phone and the manager are incompetent and really rude. They always have been, however, and they clearly think it's fine. Apparently the cooks are too since they cannot even read the orders correctly. Very annoying.

Written by on 5/6/2014 | 3 other reviews | Member since 2012
Anne ordered from here within the last year

User rating

The food is decent but the service is HORRIBLE. I called after 50 minutes of ordering the meal. When asked how long it would be before the meal was delivered the guy said, "30 minutes." When telling him I would just cancel he said, "Ok, it will be here in 15 minutes." Poor service and mediocre means seamless needed to cancel their contract with the restaurant.

Written by on 3/3/2014 | 1 other review | Member since 2012
Jerry ordered from here within the last year

User rating

Always consistently great food and timely delivery. Also love all of their gluten free options!

Written by on 2/18/2014 | 3 other reviews | Member since 2009
Benjamin ordered from here within the last year

User rating

maybe i ordered the wrong thing for delivery but the Chicken Chipotle Tacos were wet, sloppy, flavorless and pretty much inedible. Made me long for Chipotle.

Written by on 2/11/2014 | Member since 2012
Ian ordered from here within the last year

User rating

Horrible, and I usually like the place. Spinach Burrito took 50 minutes to get here, and was stone cold. They also forgot to add the CHEESE - on a burrito! Very disturbed that I wasted my money.

Written by on 1/30/2014 | 2 other reviews | Member since 2012
Jill ordered from here within the last year

User rating

Food took over two hours to arrive and was cold.

Written by on 1/27/2014 | Member since 2011
peter ordered from here within the last year

User rating

the quesadilla grande is the best option on their menu!

Written by on 1/17/2014 | Member since 2012
Julia ordered from here within the last year

User rating

Have ordered many many times, and we're generally satisfied. We're right around the corner and delivery is usually within 20 min. However, our last order (3 weeks ago) was all messed up. The Shrimp Chipotle Quesadila came as a burrito with no cheese. And they forgot the guacamole (but remembered to charge us). After too much phone time, I THINK it's all straightened out for this next order. If it isn't, I'll adjust this review appropriately.

Written by on 1/1/2014 | Member since 2012
Michael ordered from here within the last year

User rating

After we ordered, they called us 5 minutes after to say they have reduced there delivery radius for the night. Very annoying. Avoid...

Written by on 12/14/2013 | Member since 2011
Markus ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

I can't remember the last time I wrote a review on this site. But I just received my food ("food") from Harry's Burritos. It is cold. To the extent it has any taste (since most of it is flavorless), it is bad. Funky. Not good. Inedible. I've eaten at this restaurant and the food was always fine to good. I will NOT order from here again.

Written by on 12/14/2013 | 2 other reviews | Member since 2007
linda ordered from here over a year ago

User rating


Written by on 12/10/2013 | Member since 2012
CJ ordered from here within the last year

User rating

I live in the neighborhood and it had been a while since i ordered from Harry's so i thought i'd give it another chance. Food arrived cold and lacked flavor. Guacamole was mushy and did not taste fresh. Disappointed. There are too many other places to get similar food that tastes good.

Written by on 11/24/2013 | 2 other reviews | Member since 2013
Richard ordered from here over a year ago


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