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Bummer! Heritage India (P St.) (1633 P St. NW, Washington 20036) is no longer active on Seamless.

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Heritage India (P St.)

  • SW User Rating 0 ratings 12 reviews

1633 P St. Nw (P St. Nw between 16th St. Nw & 17th St. Nw), Washington, DC 20036 | (202) 331-4155

Heritage India (P St.) Reviews

User rating

I DO NOT RECOMMEND. I have been a longtime Seamless customer, and my experience with this restaurant was the rudest ever. The order was already 20 minutes late. I tried getting info about the late order, restaurant first said it is on the way. Another 20 minutes, no one shows up. I called again, and the restaurant hangs up. I called again, and the restaurant acted like it didn’t know who I am. As the food by now would be cold, I told them to please cancel the order and refund me. The restaurant hangs up. I tried calling again, and again they hang up. The restaurant should not be part of the Seamless community. When an order is late, you should apologize to the customer, offer something in return for the inconvenience, and find out what is wrong. If a restaurant cannot do that, it should close its doors.

Written by on 11/16/2014 | 6 other reviews | Member since 2007
Anthony ordered from here within the last year

User rating

I placed an order and never got an email confirming receipt. About 40 min after ordering, I received a call from seamless that they couldn't get through to the restaurant either so they refunded my charge. Won't try this place again.

Written by on 7/15/2014 | Member since 2012
Adriane ordered from here within the last year

User rating

Really good.

Written by on 6/21/2014 | 4 other reviews | Member since 2013
Daniel ordered from here within the last year

User rating

Delicious Indian food. Decent sized portions but delivery times haven't been the most consistent though - super quick and longer than the estimate.

Written by on 6/10/2014 | 1 other review | Member since 2013
Flora ordered from here within the last year

User rating

Great food, great service. Although this place is a but pricey it's worth the extra bucks.

Written by on 6/5/2014 | 1 other review | Member since 2013
Nicola ordered from here within the last year

User rating

Great food - not sure why people are saying it's small portions. They are big. Only thing is that it's on the pricey side.

Written by on 3/14/2014 | Member since 2014
Alfredo ordered from here within the last year

User rating

Good food. Too expensive. Small portions.

Written by on 1/5/2014 | 8 other reviews | Member since 2012
Julie ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

If you want our food to be ice cold and incorrect order here. Its such a shame as the food might be decent if it ever arrived hot or even warm for that matter. I think however the worse part of the experience for the second time no less, is the absolute give a crap attitude when calling to find out where the food might be. Question - I ordered nearly two hours ago, where is the food? Answer - it left 40 minutes ago. Follow up question - so my food will be cold , what are you going to do. Answer - there is traffic, nothing. BTW, I could walk back and forth from the restaurant in less than 15 minutes. There is no excuse. Don't order if you want to eat food that is warm and within a reasonable time.

Written by on 12/20/2013 | Member since 2013
melissa ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Delivery was quick! The food pretty good. The palak maki is awesome. The samosas are pretty good. The masala dal though was just average. Overall, I'd give it a B.

Written by on 8/1/2013 | 5 other reviews | Member since 2013
Barb ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Expensive but great food!

Written by on 6/19/2013 | 4 other reviews | Member since 2013
Alexandria ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Food is actually pretty decent, but the service is terrible. 3 times out of 4, the food came about 90 minutes or longer after ordering, and was tepid. We only live a few blocks from the restaurant so I can only guess it was being driven around with a bunch of other deliveries. When phoning the restaurant you either cannot get through at all, or get somebody completely incapable of dealing with the inquiry. Burnt three times, never going back.

Written by on 3/16/2013 | 2 other reviews | Member since 2013
Kimberley ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Contemporary Indian food at its best--even for delivered. The new location is offering most of the Indian dishes previously available at Dupont (which is now more Asian), and everything I have eaten there has been great. Although there is now a small delivery fee, the food is good enough to justify it, and delivery was fast.

Written by on 11/8/2012 | 8 other reviews | Member since 2011
Jeffrey ordered from here over a year ago


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