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Bummer! JoeDough (135 First Avenue, New York 10003) is no longer active on Seamless.

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  • SW User Rating 0 ratings 13 reviews

135 First Avenue (1st Ave between E 9th St & St Marks Pl), New York, NY 10003 | (212) 780-9222

JoeDough Reviews

User rating

Great Food! Fast delivery!! Friendly delivery people!!! I want the Chicken Avocado Sandwich back tho ??

Written by on 1/23/2014 | Member since 2012
Dom ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Soooo I ordered the chicken avocado sandwich, and they called me to tell me that that sandwich was no longer on the menu. I begrudgingly chose a different sandwich (which arrived cold and soggy), but they did not deliver the bread chips with my "combo" meal and then refused to refund any portion of my money. Terrible, terrible customer service. Sandwich would have been good if it was hot. Will not order from here again.

Written by on 12/16/2013 | 2 other reviews | Member since 2010
Jacqueline ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

I've had two experiences here: one amazing (brisket sandwich) and one not so good. The other review is right! The chicken avocado is a cold sandwich and has a sour taste, like they put too much lemon in the avocado, it's weird. The house made chips are also weird, they're too bready to be eaten like chips but too greasy to add anything on them without it being totally gross. The brisket sandwich was amaze tho: hot sandwich and totally amazing.

Written by on 10/20/2013 | 3 other reviews | Member since 2009
Mariam ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

I don't usually write reviews unless something is very good or very bad. This was not very good. We ordered a chicken avo sandwich, and it had a strange sour taste. I was worried I would be sick and stopped eating it. The conflicted jew sandwich leaves me without conflict - I am sure I will never order it again. It was quite surprisingly spicy, and the chicken liver got lost in the weird soft and chewy bacon. It sounded so good. The celery soda was weird and the cole slaw was peppery and pickled red cabbage. I was reminded of a science fiction book in which aliens from another universe had to eat food from their own universe, which was inedible and unappealing to those from the host universe. Are the people at JoeDough from another time continuum? Their food seems to be.

Written by on 8/4/2013 | 9 other reviews | Member since 2011
grant ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

If you are going to call a grilled cheese "Stoner's Delight" and describe it as a "serious upgrade", it better be packed with cheese that oozes and have something else like bacon, ham, pulled pork, caramelized onions, mushrooms, tomato, or anything than just cheese. In fact the cheese had disintegrated into the bread if there was any cheese in my sandwich at all. So NOT worth $10. Had the cryptic description on the menu said there as only cheese I would have paid the extra $2 for bacon. And the bread chips are basically Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Bread Cubes. NOTHING SPECIAL. My suggestion is you move along to the next restaurant on Seamless.

Written by on 6/7/2013 | 25 other reviews | Member since 2012
Thomas ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

not good

Written by on 6/2/2013 | Member since 2010
Jesse ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

The grilled vegetable sandwich was a very interesting pleasant surprise! I loved it! Delivery came very quick

Written by on 5/16/2013 | 3 other reviews | Member since 2013
Bijoux ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Awesome, delicious sandwiches! Highly recommend the brisket sandwich and the cubano. These guys rock!

Written by on 5/8/2013 | 5 other reviews | Member since 2008
Frank ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Got the stoners grilled cheese and it was yummy. Good for ordering from a bar.

Written by on 3/19/2013 | 12 other reviews | Member since 2008
Ramez ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Awesome.delicious brisket sandwich and grilled cheese. Delivery was quick too!

Written by on 1/21/2013 | Member since 2012
Jill ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

no broiche: challa bread instead. Too much peppercorn mayo :O( & too small for $14!

Written by on 12/3/2012 | 3 other reviews | Member since 2009
Shari ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Tried this place because it was new on the Seamless list and seemed promising with its interesting sandwiches. Got the Cuban and the meatball special...both dry. Cuban had an aftertaste to it and the meatball special was almost good except the ricotta brought out the dryness of the meatballs even more. The house-made chips were the best thing they gave me...and the house-made celery soda was absolutely the worst. If you like drinking salty/peppery carbonated celery juice, I guess it could be good, but to me, I gave it 3 sips and had to toss it. Nothing like Doc Browns...

Written by on 3/12/2012 | 15 other reviews | Member since 2009
Melissa ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Tried the Cubano and the Brisket: both amazingly salty, neither particularly good-tasting.

Written by on 2/22/2012 | 14 other reviews | Member since 2005
Allan ordered from here over a year ago


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