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Bummer! Mangu Dominican Kitchen (158 E 45TH STREET, NY 10017) is no longer active on Seamless.

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Mangu Dominican Kitchen

  • SW User Rating 0 ratings 19 reviews

158 E 45th Street (45th St. & 3rd Ave.), NY, NY 10017 | (212) 905-0490

Mangu Dominican Kitchen Reviews

User rating

Good food, no complaints. Delivery takes a while though.

Written by on 2/14/2014 | 3 other reviews | Member since 2012
joseph ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

I ordered after getting great reviews from my coworkers. I ordered to mangu with friend sallami and egg platter. It was delicious! I needed a different option of meal from what is around this area. I am deff going to keep ordering from here and I am glad I found this place.

Written by on 1/30/2014 | Member since 2014
ginell ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Food was cold when it arrived. Rice was hard. Plantains weren't sweet.

Written by on 12/11/2013 | Member since 2013
Colette ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

The food could have and should have been good. I spoke with a very nice gentlmen on the phone who informed me that I needed to order via seamless in order to pay with my credit card but he ensured me it would only take 30 minutes. I had to work through lunch and was starving therefore, I couldn't pick up my food but the restuarant is only 2 blocks away and I figured with such a short distance it couldn't take long. After an hour, I finally received my food, luke warm, and with no green sauce. The green sauce is why I ordered it. After calling back and requesting the sauce and being promised it would come right away. 25 minutes later with no green sauce, I am writing this review. Everyone I spoke to was very nice, but they literally couldn't deliver. I feel like I've been catfished.

Written by on 8/9/2013 | 1 other review | Member since 2009
Brandi ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

While the mangu is ok - the chicken is usually dry and the delivery service is absolutely terrible. I've ordered from this restaraunt 8 times and I've never received my food faster than an hour (even off peak time). Estimated delivery time is listed at 30 - 45 minutes, and its usually an hour and half at least (breakfast OR lunch). Called to find out where my order was and was told "we're busy". It's NYC - every place is busy. Today's order was the last straw; not giving this restaurant any more business.

Written by on 8/8/2013 | Member since 2012
Sarah ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

The food arrived wet because they packaged it in Styrofoam containers and then wrapped it in a plastic bag. I ordered Pork shoulder, with rice and beans, and a side salad and fried green bana-nas. They gave me an enormous amount of white rice but hardy any bean, which was absorb into the rice with two very small pieces of meat. I am talking small, little chunks, just two. The fried bananas were cold and were not made fresh. They did not side no salt and not garlice sauce. The salad was welted. The one star was for quick service. It arrived in under 30 minutes. I DO NOT recommend this place and I will never order from this place again.

Written by on 5/4/2013 | 8 other reviews | Member since 2001
Jose ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

I ordered the Goat stew with fried plantains and white rice and red beans. The plantain was bad-soggy and tasted old/starchy. The white rice and beans was okay, the goat meat was good, just a bit salty. Delivery was on time. If I order here again, it won't be for the plantains. Oh yea, I've had their cassava fritters and beef patty...I would definitely go back for those.

Written by on 4/27/2013 | 5 other reviews | Member since 2013
Nene ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

I always order the ribs on Wednesdays - they are "fall off the bone" tender and delicious. I love the desserts (3 leches cake, habichuelas con dulce) but order those less often. Rating - ribs & desserts = 5, everything else 3.

Written by on 4/3/2013 | 24 other reviews | Member since 2009
Cathy J ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Food was terrible. The rice was dry and tasted like dust. The beef was overcooked and too tough to chew. I ended up throwing most of the meal into the trash.

Written by on 3/29/2013 | 3 other reviews | Member since 2009
Melissa ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

This place takes way too long to deliver. I have been waiting for 20 mins. I don't think I will be ordering from here again as I am at work and I don't have time to wait around for food.

Written by on 3/28/2013 | 5 other reviews | Member since 2012
NY Temp ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

My order for 2 tres leches and a hot chocolate took more than 45 min. And my hot chocolate spilled all over! Not very happy about it!

Written by on 12/13/2012 | 1 other review | Member since 2008
April ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Timely service. Food is a little on the bland side, but perfect for me since I prefer it that way. Portions are reasonble.

Written by on 8/8/2012 | 2 other reviews | Member since 2012
Mary ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

The food is DELICIOUS! Reminds me of authetic Dominican home cooking!!!

Written by on 8/3/2012 | Member since 2011
ILEANA ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

The chicken was very very dry and the white beans and spilled all over the bottom of the bad. The delivery guy actually handed it over like that. Unreal! Also, they didn't add any of the sauces. Will not be ordering again.

Written by on 4/10/2012 | 10 other reviews | Member since 2011
PATRICIA ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

The ox tails was delicious, but what happened to the beans that were supposed to go with the rice! No beans - so all I got was some dry white rice and dry oxtail. Delivery time was great, but need to check orders before they leave!! Grrrrr.

Written by on 2/17/2012 | 1 other review | Member since 2011
Rosa ordered from here over a year ago


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