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Bummer! Pie Face (38th & Broadway) (1407 Broadway, New York 10018) is no longer active on Seamless.

But we still want to feed you! Check out other great restaurants on Seamless.

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Pie Face (38th & Broadway)

  • SW User Rating 0 ratings 10 reviews

1407 Broadway (W 38th St. between Broadway & Fashion Ave.), New York, NY 10018 | (646) 569-6212

Pie Face (38th & Broadway) Reviews

User rating

Can only give a negative review because my food never arrived They confirmed the order promptly, and when i called to follow up after more than an hour there was no answer. Seamless also could not contact them.

Written by on 9/26/2014 | Member since 2011
Michelle ordered from here within the last year

User rating

If I could give NO stars I would. Food never arrived. Restaurant calls 40 minutes dated placing order only to say they were no longer delivering food tonight. The food was supposed to arrive within the next 5 minutes. Ridiculous. Would not recommend ordering from this place.

Written by on 4/30/2014 | 18 other reviews | Member since 2007
CHRISTY ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

God, I didn't even know I was a big pie fan until I came here. These things are like crack -- flakey, tasty crack (caveat: I have no idea what crack normally tastes like). Highly recommend giving this place a try.

Written by on 1/29/2014 | 17 other reviews | Member since 2011
Colin ordered from here within the last year

User rating

I had pie face for the first time last night. So incredibly delicious. Myyyyy goodness. Get the peas and mash on top. So so so so good.

Written by on 12/14/2013 | 5 other reviews | Member since 2013
Jennifer ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

the food was terrible. i had the bacon egg and cheese pie. the pie part was ok but the eggs were watery and undercooked, the cheese was watery and there were only about 5-6 tiny pieces of canadian bacon in it. the smash was not tasty. instant potatoes? yuck. a scoop of green mush on top, not peas. and the gravy was not tasty either. first and last visit there.

Written by on 11/15/2013 | Member since 2013
eileen ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Food is spectacular. Delivery is a nightmare. 50% reasonable delivery times, 50% they can't figure it out, have problems and take well over an hour. The service is way too inconsistent for me. I only recommend pickup.

Written by on 8/3/2013 | 5 other reviews | Member since 2013
Matthew ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

The Philly Cheesesteak was really not good, but the Beef Pie was amazing! I recommend this place

Written by on 7/1/2013 | 28 other reviews | Member since 2012
Jamie ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

This is the first time I have ever written a Seamless review (despite multiple orders/week) because this place is A-mazing. The pulled pork is a bit on the sweet side but the PIE CRUST. Oh, the pie crust. I got the pulled pork stack and, honestly, these pies stand on their own. No need for superfluous (delicious) mashed potatoes and gravy. And that's saying something.

Written by on 6/28/2013 | 3 other reviews | Member since 2012
Amy ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Great food and something different for a change. My only complaint would be that they don't offer their "stacks" or their sandwiches online. Too bad.

Written by on 6/5/2013 | 8 other reviews | Member since 2009
Esther ordered from here over a year ago

User rating

Such a perfect lunch. Order your pie with Mash and Peas on top and it's the perfect portion for lunch and under $10. When you get the mash and peas on top it comes in this wonderful recyclable box with a wooden fork. Our favorites at the office is the Beef Mince and the Vegetable one. They also do sandwiches and specials but don't seem to have them listed on Seamless yet but if you check out piefacenyc.com you can see them and call your order in. be sure to tell them to update the Seamless. They also have specials like soup and a pie or sandwich and a soup, Coffee and a pie. Their Pecan pie and Flourless pie are fantastic too!

Written by on 5/7/2013 | 21 other reviews | Member since 2008
Jason ordered from here over a year ago


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