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Ordering food on the go just got a whole lot easier with the free Seamless Android app.

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  • Order delivery and takeout meals from thousands of top restaurants in 40 US cities* using your current, favorite, or any location.
  • Sync with your existing personal Seamless account or create a new account.
  • Re-order your favorite meals with a few taps of your finger.
  • Filter, sort, and search through your restaurant list to find just the right place.
  • Picking up your order? Try the map view to see what's nearby.
  • Save and use your credit card info securely. No cash necessary.

Technical Requirements

Compatible with all Android phones running OS 1.5 or greater. Available for personal (non-corporate) orders only.

Order through your company account on our mobile-optimized site.

Some recent Android shout-outs

  • Mashable: "New Android App Makes for Easy Takeout & Delivery Anytime, Anywhere"
  • "We’ve just discovered a new Android app that makes ordering takeout or delivery food as easy as a few touchscreen taps — no matter what time of day or where you are. […] Truly, it was the most convenient delivery experience we’ve ever had."
  • Gizmodo: "Seamless App Is Here To Feed Lazy Android Users"
  • "Seamless is now available as a free Android app. Fire up Seamless on your Android phone and it'll use GPS to find delivery-friendly restaurants nearby. Then you can check out restaurant ratings, cruise through menus, and place your order for delivery…"
  • Gizmodo: "The Best Part about a Smartphone Is Never Having to Call Anyone"
  • "…nothing has made it easier to ditch phone talking than the self-nullifying smartphone itself. […] Sure, I could call the burrito place, and have them ask me to hold, and then order, and then read my credit card number over the phone. Or I could use [the Seamless app] and do it with a few button touches. I'd much prefer the latter."
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Stuck in a cab on my way back to the office. Used the @seamless app to make sure lunch is waiting for me when I get back. Love technology.

- @mkatz_iC


I use @seamless for lunch orders regularly. Tonight used @iphone app for the first time to order dinner on commute home. Life changer!

- @nickyru

Mobile Web

@seamless mobile app FTW! Ordered pizza from a traffic light 15 mins from home for 3 cranky kids.

- @Technogorilla