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Evan H.

Member since 2008

2 reviews - 2 ratings

Evan H.'s ratings history

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  • 1162 First Avenue Manhattan

    Reviewed on 7/12/2013

    Solid calzone (especially for the price,) pretty awful wings and sauce (fried in a bland, messy batter and doused in straight Tabasco.) Dipping sauce for calzone was a canned-tasting marinara, and the wings came with an unpleasantly sour blue cheese dressing. Their whole pizza is pretty good (ordered before) -- very gooey cheese and good crust. Overall, an average and relatively inexpensive place that can sometimes hit the spot if you don't expect to be amazed.

    Evan ordered from here within the last year
  • 32 S 18th St Philadelphia

    Reviewed on 2/19/2013

    The lunch we got from Grillicious really hit the spot. They have a succinct, no-frills menu of things they know how to do well, so choosing our entrees was very easy -- too easy, apparently, as it turned out we forgot to choose sauces and veggie options to customize our falafel and kebab wraps. But sure enough, a few minutes later, a friendly employee called us to confirm whether we had really intended to eat dry sandwiches. He walked me through their choices, and quickly convinced me to slap some mighty tasty tahini and yogurt sauces, chopped veggies and delicious homemade hummus onto our food. Delivery was faster than predicted, and everything arrived properly labeled, ready for voracious (and delicious) consumption. Will most definitely order again. Highly recommended!

    Evan ordered from here over a year ago

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