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Rebeca T.

Member since 2009

1 review - 2 ratings

Rebeca T.'s ratings history

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  • 94 Fulton Street Manhattan

    Rated on 2/22/2015

    Rebeca ordered from here within the last year
  • 337-41 S. Broad St Philadelphia

    Reviewed on 2/20/2013

    I order from Sumo sushi fairly frequently, and it is (almost) always a hit -- fresh fish, inventive rolls, interesting sauces, polite delivery people. But, lately, delivery has just taken SO LONG. Last time my food took about 1.5 h to arrive, and today I just now got my food, about 40 minutes past the "future delivery" time I scheduled a couple of hours ago. Overall I'd still say Sumo is a great place to order sushi delivery, however. I absolutely love their Fusion roll, and the Mango Tango. And out of the "everyday" rolls, the yellowtail crunch is pretty unique (it has apples! I love the combination of fruit and fresh fish). If you're ordering around lunch time, their 3 roll "happy lunch" with miso soup can't be beat at $10.95. Note: i just paused to have a bite of the Fusion roll I just got -- I forgive you, Sumo Sushi. You can pretty much be as late as you want if this deliciously buttery fish eventually ends up in my mouth, dancing around with some creamy and spicy mango sauce. Heaven.

    Rebeca ordered from here over a year ago

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