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Lani M.

Member since 2009

5 reviews - 5 ratings

Lani M.'s ratings history

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  • 1462 Grant Avenue San Francisco

    Reviewed on 8/21/2012

    Very slow delivery and when the food finally arrived, well after the quoted time, the pizza was cold and did not taste very good.

    Lani ordered from here over a year ago
  • 101 Utah St San Francisco

    Reviewed on 8/21/2012

    Great food, delivered within in the quote time and they even threw in an order of spring rolls on the house! If I lived in SF, this would definitely be a go-to restaurant for me! Very impressed!

    Lani ordered from here over a year ago
  • 618 12th Street Nw Washington DC

    Reviewed on 9/14/2011

    The salads have been fantastic! Fresh and crispy lettuce and toppings, delicious, healthy ingredients, and very tasty, small-batch made dressing. Delivery times can be a bit inconsistent during busy times though.

    Lani ordered from here over a year ago
  • 803 15th St. Nw Washington DC

    Reviewed on 4/27/2010

    Very disappointing. Normally I love D & B and think there soups, sandwiches and salads are fantastic, so I am hoping this was just a really off day. Salad greens were wilted, odd side slices of cucumber skins, and very watery blue cheese dressing (almost as though they washed the lettuce in warm water and then without drying it, just threw it in the bowl), and they forgot an item (which has also never happened with them before).

    Lani ordered from here over a year ago
  • 919 18th St Nw Washington DC

    Reviewed on 4/27/2010

    Great delivery and appreciate that they follow any instructions you add. Food is always fresh and delicious and delivery is super quick.

    Lani ordered from here within the last month

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