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Deacon M.

Member since 2010

2 reviews - 2 ratings

Deacon M.'s ratings history

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  • 2475 18th St Nw Washington DC

    Reviewed on 10/7/2013

    Cafe Istanbul seems to have it together. I've ordered from them several times and the food has always been delicious. Deliver is brisk and timely. Food is packaged well. And -- most important -- delicious. Servings are ample -- entrees usually include a fresh salad and a side (the butterbeans are great) as well as a warm, fresh pita. One of the few delivery restaurants that I can recommend.

    Deacon ordered from here over a year ago
  • 1110 U St Nw Washington DC

    Reviewed on 1/28/2013

    Delivery took 65 minutes (only slightly more than they advertised). A pleasant surprise -- they included a single slice of pizza with my order, something I had not ordered and wasn't charged for. Food was above average for delivery food and it arrived still reasonably hot. Lasagna was good and the little spanokopita (that's not what they called them, but that's what they were) were tasty. Stay away from the tiramisu -- a bland frozen concoction that would make any Italian cry. But with that exception, the rest of the food would have been okay...except for the long, thin human hair that was either cooked in or wrapped around that free pizza slice. By the time I realized what I had bitten into, I almost gagged. Disgusting! I haven't marked down the star rating for this, because it may have been -- hopefully it was -- a one-time lapse. But if it ever happens again, I'll certainly adjust my rating and broadcast my warning wider.

    Deacon ordered from here over a year ago

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