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Elijah S.

Member since 2013

3 reviews - 3 ratings

Elijah S.'s ratings history

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  • 4222 Lincoln Blvd Los Angeles

    Reviewed on 7/24/2013

    This has to be the worst pizza restaurant in LA. I have bought their pizza apparently three times, but only two stick out in my memory. This last time I ordered, I literally got physically ill, and the restaurant refused to give a refund; they finally returned 50% of my order, which I accepted. Every single time they're food has made me feel sick, but never to the point that I was at this last time, where I actually had to lie down on my couch to keep from throwing up. They claim that I've disputed every payment, with which I disagree, but even if I had the point remains valid that Lenzini's pizza made my PHYSICALLY ILL. If you care about your health at all, just stay away. There are many, many more and better pizza restaurants in Los Angeles, and those most likely won't make you sick.

    Elijah ordered from here over a year ago
  • 13181 Mindanao Way Los Angeles

    Reviewed on 5/26/2013

    This is literally the worst restaurant on Seamless. I ordered a variety of food, including curly fries, a sandwich and even cake. Aside from a single cupcake, everyone agreed that it was simply disgusting. The sandwich was bland and chewy, the curly fries tasted like nothing at all, which was better than my friend's string fries, because those tasted like straight up potato. Honestly, learn from my mistake and forget about Jerry's deli.

    Elijah ordered from here over a year ago
  • 4507 S Centinela Ave Los Angeles

    Reviewed on 2/9/2013

    This is far and away my favorite vegan restaurant in LA. The food is amazing, no matter what you get, and even if the delivery time is a little long it just ensures the quality is top-notch every time.

    Elijah ordered from here over a year ago

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