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Alicia B.

Member since 2013

1 review - 3 ratings

Alicia B.'s ratings history

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  • 1801 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles

    Rated on 1/26/2013

    Alicia ordered from here over a year ago
  • 123 W. Windsor Rd Los Angeles

    Reviewed on 1/23/2013

    Small, clean & friendly people restaurant. Food was ready in 20 minutes as scheduled. I ordered Spicy seafood salad which included shrimp, fish, calamari, mussels, crab, ginger, mint leaves & other herbs & spices. Salad was spicy as menu described & tasty. The portion size was enough to fill me up & price was fair. Yes, I would like to go back & try maybe their spicy seafood soup or some curry dishes the next time.

    Alicia ordered from here over a year ago

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