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Jeremy D.

Member since 2013

4 reviews - 5 ratings

Jeremy D.'s ratings history

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  • 5952 Lankershim Blvd Los Angeles

    Reviewed on 2/24/2013

    This was my first time trying Chinese Delight. I ordered 2 lunch specials, one being the Szechwan Beef and the other being the Mongolian Beef. I ordered both with brown rice (50 cents extra). I liked that the lunch specials are available every day, and that they come with a free vegetable spring roll. As far as the quality of the food, I would rate it as poor. The beef from both entrees was rubbery, almost being inedible. I would consider the Mongolian Beef to be an onion lover’s dream. I like onions, but it had way too many. So after not being able to eat the entree, I turned to the brown rice. The rice was mushy, as if it were made with boiling water on a stovetop. Overall, I am disappointed in the food Chinese Delight has to offer. I would recommend looking elsewhere for a good Chinese restaurant.

    Jeremy ordered from here over a year ago
  • 2202 North Glenoaks Boulevard

    Rated on 2/24/2013

    Jeremy ordered from here over a year ago
  • 11688 Magnolia Blvd Los Angeles

    Reviewed on 2/23/2013

    Overall the food was great. I ordered the Spicy Fried Rice and the Spicy Noodles. Both were delicious and tasted much better than expected. The food was a little oily, but full of flavor. It was nice that the restaurant accommodated my request for making my food extra spicy. It makes me feel as if they really do want to make customers happy. The restaurant is close to home and tastes great, so I will definitely be back!!

    Jeremy ordered from here over a year ago
  • 12461 Oxnard St. Los Angeles

    Reviewed on 2/6/2013

    I would have to say that some of the food was great, and some was not. I ordered the BBQ Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad and an order of lentil soup. I had never had lentil soup before, but is was delicious. I would highly recommend the soup to anyone that has not had it before. On the other hand, the salad was as boring as could be. It was just iceberg lettuce, corn, cucumber, tomato, grilled chicken, and some kind of barbeque dressing. They didn't provide nearly enough dressing for as much salad as they give you. Overall, the lentil soup saved the day. I will definitely be back for more.

    Jeremy ordered from here over a year ago
  • 5219 Lankershim Blvd Los Angeles

    Reviewed on 2/5/2013

    This was my first time trying Big Mama's and Papa's. I ordered the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich (with fries) and an order of garlic cheese bread. I was impressed with the amount of flavor in everything. The fries were lightly salted, which I like, and the garlic cheese bread was not overpowered with garlic. I would have to say that their Philly Cheese Sandwich was probably the best one I ever had. I would highly recommend this restaurant because they are quick with preparing orders, and their food is some of the best in the area.

    Jeremy ordered from here over a year ago

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