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Jerred Y.

Member since 2013

3 reviews - 3 ratings

Jerred Y.'s ratings history

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  • 6508 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles

    Reviewed on 8/6/2013

    The service at this place was absolutely unacceptable. To start i ordered an entree salad, which listed the ingredients and that it comes with chipolte ranch. Salad sounds good, right? The delivery came along with about six other items....the salad and NO dressing. I Called them, they said they would "try" and have the driver come back. 20 minutes later...driver returns with mini containers of get this...french onion dip! NOT chipotle ranch dressing, or even ranch dressing for that matter...but a rotten tasting sour cream thickness french onion paste. To top it off, I call and complain....they claim "oh' we usually offer ranch or chipotle ranch dressing....we dont serve either anymore though." hmmm...maybe update your website and seamless.com menu?1? BOTH ARE FALSE ADVERTISING. p.s. the other 5 dishes i ordered here...were very average. My suggestion...DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!!!!

    Jerred ordered from here over a year ago
  • 123 W. Windsor Rd Los Angeles

    Reviewed on 1/29/2013

    I was very pleased with the food at this cafe. Although the location makes it very hard to find, hidden in a club house type building. I ordered the pad see-ew entree and a side of four egg rolls. The food was very flavorful, and still warm. I was most pleased with the portion size. There was a lot of food for the price! The entree was $6.95 and egg rolls $3.95. The chicken in the entree was a little bit dry, it is the only thing I would change or wish to be better in the meal. Overall, I would consider dining here again!

    Jerred ordered from here over a year ago
  • 5101 West Sunset Boulevard
    Los Angeles

    Reviewed on 1/25/2013

    This place was awesome. Although I cannot talk about their pizza... When I looked at the menu I could not avoid ordering the combination plate it just looked too good to pass up. It was a TON of food for the price and super good. The guys working were very nice and the order was ready right on time. If their pizza is any bit as good as the other food they have there I will be going back again and again.

    Jerred ordered from here over a year ago

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