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Our New Look - The 411

We know change can be...well, different. But it can also be for the better! And in this case, delicious. Everything created for our new look was inspired by feedback from diners like you, and we can’t wait for you to take a look.

But first! You probably have some questions. Let us answer them here, so you can just keep on chewing.

Is this a new Seamless site?

Yep! Brand new and ready for action.

What's new?

Tons of new features:

  • You spoke. We listened. Check out our fresh new features based on your feedback!

  • We now accept cash and PayPal payments!  So you can pay any which way you prefer.

  • Remember the time you were craving Pad Thai, but you didn’t know exactly where to get it? Our new search lets you find the  exact food you're craving.

  • Need us to recommend new flavors? Popular restaurants and cuisines now live on the homepage, so you can  check out the hottest tastes right away .

  • Hungry in a hurry? You can now add items to your cart directly from the search results page.

  • Our site is now mobile and tablet friendly! So you can order the foods you love, any way you want.

What happened to the old Seamless site? And what happened to Labs?

We have been working on our new site over the past few months and getting your feedback through our Labs platform. What you see here is the result - so Labs is no more. Thank you for helping us with your valuable feedback and cheers to the food future!

Why am I not logged into the site?

We upgraded our sign-in service, just log in with your normal username / password. If you forgot your password, go to sign in and there is a “Forgot your password” link.

Where is my restaurant/my favorite restaurant?

We are still working to get some restaurants on the new site, and they should be available soon! But, just to make sure, please reach out to our Customer Care team at help@seamless.com and let us know what restaurant you would like to see on Seamless.

Where’s my Order History?

Here’s the 411, we were unable to transfer some of your past orders. You can still view restaurants you have ordered from in the past and any order you place from here on out will be captured in your order history.

What is Seamless?

Seamless is the best way for you to order food from thousands of the best delivery and takeout restaurants in 900+ cities across the US and London. In short, we make ordering food for delivery and takeout seamless!

How do I place an order?

  1. Enter Your Address: Enter your street address and zip/post code and click on the "Search" button.
  2. Search for Your Food or Restaurant: Click on any open restaurant name to view their menu, or type in what food or restaurant you are looking for in the Search bar and press Enter
  3. Order from the Menu: To add an item to your order, click on that item. You can customize that item by choosing quantity, additional options and special instructions. When you are done customizing the item click “Add to Bag" button. You can either select more items and add them to your order, or click the "Proceed to Checkout" button on the right of the screen to proceed to the Checkout page.
  4. Checkout with Credit Card:

  5. Newbies: If this is your first time ordering, the Checkout page is where you will set up your Seamless account. You will be asked to enter your delivery information, select a password and provide billing information. Then simply click the "Place Your Order" button to instantaneously send your order to the restaurant.

  6. Returning Members: Simply confirm your delivery and billing information and click on the "Place Your Order" button.

What happens after I submit my order?

Your order is sent electronically to the restaurant the instant you click "Place Your Order". Once your restaurant receives your order, you will get an Order Confirmation email!

What do I do if I did not receive an email order confirmation?

  1. Confirm that you are receiving outside email.
  2. Check any spam folders on your email.
  3. Contact us to confirm your email address is correct in our system by emailing help@seamless.com

How do I change or cancel my order after I have placed it?

To change or cancel an order, please call the restaurant directly. The restaurant's phone number can be found on your email confirmation or by logging back onto the Seamless site. Once you have canceled or changed the order with the restaurant, please notify Seamless of the change or cancellation by responding to your order email confirmation.

Who should I call to check the status of my order?

Please call the restaurant to find out the status of your order. The restaurant's phone number is provided with your email confirmation and on the restaurant’s menu page of the website. Of course, Seamless Customer Care Representatives are always standing by to help. You may contact them by calling 800-256-1020.

What if I have a confirmation email from the restaurant but they have no record of my order?

If you’re hearing that they’ve not received your order, reach us immediately on our Contact Us Page and we’ll get things sorted out.

What do I do if my food arrived and there is something wrong with my order?

If you received delivery and there appears to be a problem with your order, please call the restaurant directly for an immediate resolution. The restaurant's phone number is provided with your email confirmation and on the restaurant’s menu page on the website. Of course, Seamless Customer Care Representatives are always standing by to help. You may contact them by calling 800-256-1020.

How do I browse restaurants?

The most accurate way to locate restaurants that deliver to your specific location is by entering your address on the homepage. This will display the list of restaurants that only deliver to that address. Just click the "Search" button after entering your address and you will be directed to the list of restaurants.

How do I use the order history?

To view all orders placed through Seamless, just click on your name in the upper-right of the screen, then select “Order History.” All of your Seamless orders will be housed here.

  • Viewing/printing receipts To view a past order or print a copy of the receipt, please click on “View Receipt” next to the order. This will bring up a copy of the order for you to view or to print.
  • Re-ordering a past order To re-order from order history, simply locate the desired order and click on the "Add to Bag" link to the right. For orders where we were unable to transfer your history, you can still click on “View Menu”, create a new order and make some new history!

What is the fee for using Seamless?

There is absolutely no fee for using Seamless.

Is there a minimum to order?

For many restaurants, there is a minimum to order for delivery. That way, the restaurants can make sure that the delivery they are bringing to you is worth their effort. These delivery minimums are set by the restaurant, and may be calculated based on where the restaurant is located and other considerations.

Can I save my credit card information?

Yes, to save your credit card information that you enter, you must check the box that is labeled "Save card details." Then, when you place the order, that credit card information will be saved as the default credit card for future orders placed under your account. You can also click on your name located on the top right of the screen and enter your credit card information there. If you already have information but would rather use a different card, click "Delete" then enter the new information.

How do I change my credit card information?

To change your credit card info, you need to go into “My Account” and click the “Delete” link, and then enter the new information.

When is my credit card processed?

Seamless will process your credit card when you place your order.

Is my credit card information secure?

You can safely enter your credit card number via our secure server, which encrypts all submitted information and transmits and stores such information in an encrypted state. Seamless uses Verisign, the leader in SSL encryption, to ensure all credit card data is transmitted and secured. Your credit card information is processed by Seamless and never shared with any restaurants.

How much should I tip for delivery?

It is customary in the US that delivery people are paid anywhere between 10%-20% of the food/beverage total. In the UK it is not customary to tip, but is certainly always appreciated.

Does Seamless offer gift cards?

Indeed, we do! Purchasing a Seamless eGift Card for the amount of your choice is as simple as visiting www.seamless.com/giftcards. You can add a personal note and custom graphic to an eGift Card, and you can send it by email or print it out. All eGift Cards can be used immediately or saved for later — they have no expiration date.

How do I redeem my Seamless eGift Card?

Check out these quick tips:

  1. Select tasty food and add it to your bag.
  2. When you’re ready to visit Checkout, you can redeem your Seamless eGift Card by clicking “Add gift cards and promo codes.”
  3. Enter your eGift Card code in the field and click “Apply.”
  4. We’ll apply the current balance of your eGift Card to your order total. You can redeem multiple eGift Cards per order, too.

How do I redeem a promotion code/coupon?

If you received a special promotion code, you can enter your promotion code in the Promotion Code box right before you check out in the right hand column of the website and click "Apply.”

Discounts and promotion codes on Seamless are not stackable - only one discount may be applied per order.

I forgot my username/password, what do I do?

Your username is generally the email address that you first registered with.

To reset your password, click on the "Forgot Password" link in the Sign In form. You will need to enter your registered email address and then you will receive an email from Seamless that allows you to reset your password.

To receive a username reminder, click on the "Forgot Username" link in the Sign In form. You will need to enter your registered email address and then you will receive an email from Seamless with any username(s) associated with your email address.

What if I have a corporate Seamless account through my firm?

If you are a Seamless corporate member, you can still use your company email address for your personal Seamless account, even if it's not linked to your corporate account.

Can I have two Seamless accounts with the same email address?

No. Since the email address serves as the login name for your account, you are only allowed to have one Seamless account assigned to an email address. To have another account, you need to register another email address.

Can I have multiple delivery addresses associated with one account?

Yes, as a returning user, simply enter a new address on the homepage, and upon checkout, the new address will automatically save to your profile. To manage your saved addresses, visit the addresses page

Can I save special delivery instructions to one of my saved addresses?

Yup! When you are checking out your order, you'll have the option to save your instructions for later. If you do this, these instructions will always appear on all delivery orders to that address until you edit or remove them.

Why I am getting a message that a restaurant does not deliver to me?

The restaurant service areas are determined by each individual restaurant. When browsing by neighborhood instead of a specific address, there is a chance that a restaurant does not deliver to your specific address. If you enter a specific address and zip/post code on the homepage, then you will be brought to all the restaurants that do deliver to you.

Where did all these restaurant ratings and reviews come from?

All of the restaurant ratings and reviews come from Seamless users just like you. If you have opinions about any restaurants listed on the site, be sure to rate and review them to help your fellow diners! Selected reviews will be posted to the site.

How do I share my opinion about a particular restaurant?

There are many opportunities throughout the ordering process to add your rating and review of a restaurant. Wherever you see a restaurant's rating displayed, logged in users will be able to click on it to add a rating and write a review.

How come you don't have [Restaurant X] listed on Seamless?

Seamless is a demand-based system designed to bring you a wide variety of the best delivery restaurants in your area. If you know of another restaurant that you think would be a good addition, just suggest it to us and we'll do our best to add them on.

How does a pickup order work?

The ordering process is the same as a standard Seamless delivery order - enter your starting address (where you'll be picking the order up from), choose from the restaurants available for pickup, add items to your order from the menu (no need to worry about delivery minimums!), checkout and pay with your credit card, then go get your food (that means no delivery tip necessary!).

Important: You will need to bring your ID when picking up your order.

How does Seamless make orders more eco-friendly?

At participating restaurants, you will have the option of making your Seamless order more eco-friendly at checkout. On the checkout page, simply check the box that says "Spare me the napkins and plasticware. I'm trying to save the earth" and the restaurant will exclude all extraneous packaging from your order.

What about those plastic Seamless bags?

All Seamless plastic delivery bags are "greener" than your average plastic bags (even the red ones). Since 2008 we've been distributing eco-friendly bags produced with an EPI additive, which makes the bag 100% biodegradable.

Have other green/eco-initiative suggestions for us?

Please contact us by emailing suggestions@seamless.com.

What browsers does Seamless support?

All of your standards are supported:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome

If you are having trouble navigating the website or have any other questions, please email customer care at help@seamless.com.

How does Seamless help keep my account secure?

We are committed to safeguarding your personal information and care about the security of your Seamless account. We occasionally email diners to encourage them to reset their account passwords as a precautionary measure for security risks not associated with Seamless. There are a number of different reasons why one of these proactive emails would be triggered, including username and password breaches at other companies, phishing schemes, logging into insecure sites from public Wi-Fi, and malware attacks.

Why would my account be at risk because of security threats outside of Seamless?

This could happen because people sometimes use the same email and password combination to log into multiple sites. If any site that uses that combination is compromised, those users’ credentials can be improperly obtained, disclosed and then purchased by fraudsters. These fraudsters then attempt to use the credentials to gain access to other sites. If they are able to gain access to a Seamless account, they could be able to place an order successfully.

What should I do if I suspect that there is fraudulent or suspicious activity on my account?

We take fraud incredibly seriously at Seamless. If you notice suspicious charges or unauthorized account activity, please contact us immediately through one of the contact methods found here so that we can investigate.

How do you recommend I keep my Seamless account secure?

Use a password that is unique to Seamless and change it regularly: We encourage you to select strong passwords, using the following tips:

  • Create passwords that are at least 8 characters long.

  • Use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

  • Do not use a word in the dictionary, a name, or other personal information like a birthday, address, or anniversary.

  • Do not share your password with others.

  • Be sure to log out completely from Seamless to terminate account access.

  • Consider employing a password manager through your browser or a third-party provider.

  • Change your Seamless password frequently by clicking on the “Forgot password?” link on the sign in page and following the prompts.

Be aware of possible phishing attempts: Phishing is an attempt to acquire your personal information by pretending to represent a website or company you trust online. Phishers will go to great lengths to try to hijack your account or steal your personal information. They may even create fake websites that look real or send official-looking (but fake) emails asking for personal information. Seamless will never ask for credit card details in an email or over the phone. If you're unsure about a link in an email, you can always hover over the link to see where it goes (you'll see the real linked web address at the bottom of most browsers).

Keep your computer and devices safe: While Seamless does not endorse specific vendors, we recommend utilizing a software resource that can be used to prevent and clean up suspected malware or viruses.